When your relative or friend comes to St Andrew's

We realise that it's not an easy time for you when a relative or friend comes to live at St Andrew's. 

Please be reassured St Andrew’s is here to provide the best possible care for them. As a charity, our aim is to transform lives, helping people progress to living as independently as is possible for them. 

Our care plans are tailored to each individual, and we work with them to find therapies and treatments that suit each person’s needs and preferences. At every stage our staff are open and honest with the patient and, where appropriate, their families and carers. 

We value and welcome your involvement, so please do talk to the team on the ward about how you can be play a role in care decisions and be part of a regular dialogue with us. 

Keeping in touch

All patients have access to a pay phone to make or receive calls. You'll be given the numbers by your St Andrew's contact, but you can also call our switchboard and ask for the ward.

You can e-mail the ward and your message will be passed on. Please ensure the person's name and ward are clearly shown.

Most wards have Skype equipment so this is usually possible by arrangement.

Letter / parcel
Please ensure the person's name and ward are clearly marked. Parcels will be opened in front of staff. If a letter contains upsetting news it may be wise to alert the ward to enable them to deal with it appropriately.

....with St Andrew’s
We have a Carers, Families and Friends Strategy Monitoring Group which involves staff, carers and members of the community. You are very welcome to join one of these groups - for meeting dates and more information contact our Patient Experience team.

Carers-only support groups also meet at most sites, a few times each year. Ask your social worker for details of these. There are also non-St Andrew’s carer support groups in many UK locations. A number of these are listed here.

The key people caring for your loved one

career girl squareResponsible Clinician

This person is responsible for making decisions about the type of treatment.

man beard squareNurse Manager

This person has responsibility for the daily running of the ward, organising staff, their shifts and rotas. Some have responsibility for more than one ward.

JKP 8175 squareClinical Nurse Lead

This person oversees and co-ordinates the care of all patients on a ward. S/he assesses health risks and ensures that good quality care is received.

Woman and man talking SquareCare co-ordinator

Each patient has a member of staff who ensures that they're receiving the care and treatment decided in their care package. The care co-ordinator is the patient’s main contact.

Community men with paperwork 500x920 squareSocial Worker

The main link or contact between the St Andrew’s and the patient’s family and friends. S/he plays a vital part on admission, discharge and transfer.

MDT2Multi-disciplinary team

The team of experts that work together to support each patient.