Transforming lives

Our Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) pathway is designed for boys and girls aged 10 to 18 with complex mental disorders with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties, intellectual disabilities, mental illness and autistic spectrum disorders.

Designed and built just for young people with mental health needs, FitzRoy House enables St Andrew's to care for even more children and adolescents with a range of complex mental heath needs providing richer  bespoke programmes of care, expertise and facilities under one roof, improving the lives and outcomes for young people.

Located on Cliftonville Road in Northampton, FitzRoy House offers specialist pathways of care for up to 110 young people across 11 wards.

Person-centred care approach

As experts in CAMHS, we are able to treat a wide range of disorders, including the most challenging and complex. Our ethos, is to provide person-centered care which addresses young people’s mental health needs as well as their functional, cognitive, emotional, social, communication, sensory and vocational needs.

Quotes from our young people:

"Lots of places to play sports – indoors and outdoors”

“Loads of quiet areas where we can just chill out, or spend some time with our families, carers and friends”

“Opportunities to learn new skills like cooking, playing music and growing vegetables”

"A college where we can study for qualifications”

Our Location






Treatment and care

All treatments and therapeutic interventions are needs-led, individual, and based and based on the outcomes of a comprehensive and ongoing assessment process for each young person.

The four main areas of focus are:

1. Mental health recovery and reducing risk: including DBT, CBT, offence-related therapy, family interventions and medication optimisation

2. Improved physical wellbeing: including self-care, weight management, sports and exercise therapy, physiotherapy

3. Maximising independence: including vocational pathways, animal therapy and incremental increases in responsibility

4. Achieving full potential and meaningful outcomes: including social work interventions and spiritual care

View our new CAMHS video here

Young people talk about mental healthcare

In 2016 we released the short film ‘In Our Own Words’, a unique, patient-centric insight into inpatient care within St Andrew’s CAMHS pathway (formerly known as our ‘adolescents’ pathway). 

FitzRoy House

FitzRoy House opened in January 2017, with 110 beds in a unit specially designed to support young people.

Its 10 wards care for people with mental ill health, learning disability, Autistic Spectrum Disorders and neuropsychiatric conditions.

FitzRoy House is a self contained building including many outdoor courtyards, including public spaces as well as an outdoor area for each ward. 

The Branch Out Cafe is a community focus, for use by patients, family, friends and staff. 

The facility was designed in partnership with young people, who chose the colour scheme, design features and names for the wards, and shared their feedback on the plans at every stage of development. 

We provide numerous visitor suites, designed to be informal spaces for young people to spend time with their friends and family. Many include outside space and kitchen facilities. 

Numerous specialist services are included within FitzRoy House, including a special sensory room, music and art rooms, sports facilities, gardening and animal courtyards.