Training placement - Psychiatry of Intellectual Disability

St Andrew’s Healthcare offers medium secure, low secure and locked facilities for men, women and adolescents with learning disabilities who also have comorbid mental disorders and highly challenging or offending behaviour. Services are based at the Northampton and Nottinghamshire sites. Within the Learning Disability Pathway there are sub-pathways for the treatment of mental illness, personality disorder and neurodevelopmental disorders. We have developed a wide range of adapted treatment programmes to meet out patients’ needs including DBT and various offender treatment programmes. These are delivered by comprehensive multidisciplinary teams who ensure pathways of care are tailored to meet the needs of each individual.


A placement in the Learning Disability Pathway will provide experience in the forensic learning disability part of the curriculum which may not be available in a local training scheme. The posts would be suitable for those wanting to gain experience through special interest sessions or as a full time placement for trainees at ST5 or 6 level.