Training Placement - Personality Disorder

St Andrew’s provides care for men and women with Personality Disorder (PD) and offers placements specifically addressing this area of practice.

Because personality disorders produce symptoms as a result of poor or limited coping skills, treatment aims to improve perceptions of and responses to social and environmental stressors through, for example, psychodynamic psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Dialectical Behaviour Therapy.

St Andrew’s Essex is the largest low secure specialist PD service in the UK and is a unique opportunity to develop skills working with this challenging group alongside a very experienced team.

You will gain experience in:

  • psychiatric assessment of patients with Personality Disorder in a variety of settings including secure settings, community referral assessments, and liaison in criminal justice settings
  • use of standard assessment tools (including, HoNOS, HoNOS-Secure, HCR-20, PCLR, IPDE and the Recovery Star)
  • managing and treating people with Personality Disorder in a low secure and rehabilitation setting
  • risk assessment via structured professional judgement tools
  • working with a wide variety of psychopathology (diagnosis and psychiatric treatment) and combinations of personality difficulties complicating other psychiatric diagnoses.
  • appropriately supervised psychological therapy work – facilitation of psycho-educative groups and participation in community meetings and one-to-one work.