“Our main goal is to enhance the delivery of optimum independent living through reducing levels of dependence.”

Helen Stokes, Hospital Director
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This image shows the film room at the National Brain Injury Centre





Tallis is a 14-bed locked unit which specialises in the admission, stabilisation and treatment of adult men who have sustained an acquired brain injury or have a neurological condition.


Re-experiencing success

Our therapeutic programme is designed to create a positive reinforcing environment where individuals experience success through achievable goals and regular opportunities for learning. The care pathway can provide input from early diagnosis of a condition, subsequent adjustment, rehabilitation and end of life care.


Pioneers in assessment and rehabilitation

Over 35 years we have developed and implemented a number of internationally approved tools to assist in the setting of appropriate goals and to help track and monitor progress in the patients’ rehabilitation. These include SASNOS, SASBA, OAS-MNR, as well as HoNOS-secure and HoNOS-ABI as well as the FIM+FAM.  Find out more here...


Optimising independent living

Our many years of experience have shown us that treating the underlying cause of challenging behaviour is the first step towards achieving successful and sustainable outcomes. Today we are proud to deliver a service focused on enabling hope, recovery and independence for all those in our care and reinforced by ‘My Life’ – the patient’s commitment to take responsibility and control over their individual needs.


Our therapies

We empower patients by providing a full range of psychological and occupational therapy programmes covering core to targeted psychological therapies, basic activities of daily living and community work placements. Our programmes and interventions:

  • are highly structured and tailored to the individual
  • provide constant support and guidance to reinforce appropriate behaviour and skills
  • cater for those with intensive, complex and acute needs
  • are delivered by a full time multidisciplinary team (MDT)
  • offer individual and group therapy programmes tailored to specific needs
  • address functional and behavioural issues such as communication, self-care, inhibition, interpersonal behaviour and aggression.
  • exceed the recommended 25 hours of meaningful activity each week.


Who we care for                                               

We support men aged over 18 who have a formal psychiatric or neurological diagnosis with a history of acquired brain injury. This may result in cognitive deficits or behavioural changes which require rehabilitation in an in-patient setting. Each care pathway is carefully tailored towards individual needs and circumstances.


Our facilities

Our environment is designed to support the therapeutic and social needs of our patients and include:

  • a gym and therapy room including exercise machines which are accessible for patients with physical disabilities and sensory impairments
  • leisure and games room including pool table
  • a laundry room for occupational therapy (OT) activities
  • a training kitchen to support OT activities
  • an accessible garden and separate courtyard
  • a lounge area with satellite TV, DVD and stereo.