Secure child and adolescent mental health services (CAMHS)

The CAMHS pathway is designed for young patients with complex behavioural disorders, mental illness, learning disability, autistic spectrum disorder and acquired brain injury.


Each young person receives a specialised assessment and their treatment programme is designed according to their individual needs. The programmes aim to provide a clear formulation of patients’ problems and a practical prescription for their continuing treatment and after care needs. CAMHS are provided at the Northampton site. Transitions are coordinated from the day of admission via a comprehensive social work and psychiatry hub to community settings or graded pathways into adult care where required.

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Our CAMHS services

(13 to 18 year olds)
The young people we work with have a range of conditions including:
  • hyperactivity disorders
  • related comorbidities
  • complex mental health needs
  • emerging personality disorders
  • post-traumatic stress disorders
  • serious self-harm behaviour
  • challenging behaviour
  • offending backgrounds
  • complex and challenging behaviour
  • cognitive impairments.
Meadow   A low secure service for girls with complex mental health needs.
Maple   A low secure service for girls with complex mental health needs.
Willow   A low secure service for girls with complex mental health needs
Oak   A low secure service for boys with complex mental health needs.
Sycamore    A low secure service for boys with complex mental health needs.
Acorn   A medium secure forensic service for boys with autistic spectrum disorder/learning disabilities.
Bracken   A medium secure forensic service for boys with autistic spectrum disorder/learning disabilities.
Brook   A low secure service for boys with neurodisability/autistic spectrum disorder.
Fern   A low secure service for girls with neurodisability/autistic spectrum disorder.
Berry   An open unit for girls' assessment and treatment


In January 2017 our child and adolescent mental health services moved to the brand new facility FitzRoy House, purpose built to provide state of the art care for young people. It means our young people can access a diverse range of therapies, all within a safe and positive environment conducive to improving their wellbeing.

Find out more about FitzRoy House.


We have a full-time, on-site multidisciplinary team (MDT), including psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists (OT), speech and language therapists (SALT), social workers and nurses.

Examples of our therapeutic activities include:

  • psychological therapies – sex offender treatment, fire setting interventions, biofeedback-assisted relaxation/mindfulness
  • one-to-one sessions – speech and language therapy, physiotherapy, individual psychology therapies
  • group activities – rebound therapy, spirituality, community meetings
  • occupational health – pre-vocational work, sensory interventions, life skills
  • physical health – weight management, self-care, health promotion
  • nurse-led therapies – social skills, unit-based activities
  • sports and leisure – football club, horse riding, cycling, dance for health.

We are able to offer extensive education opportunities for young people through St Andrew’s College. Located within our Northampton site, the College is Ofsted registered and regulated with the Department for Education, receiving a rating of outstanding at its last inspection (September 2013).

A key part of our care is managing risk and increasing the responsibility of young adults for their actions. Our risk management approach actively engages the young people in decision making about their care.


We also have the only medium secure service for young men aged 18-25; we have developed this unique service based on our successful CAMHS and adult mental health services.