Patient volunteer opportunities

"When I first started, I was quite nervous but now I feel confident that I am doing a good job!"

Recovery Volunteer, St Andrew’s Northampton

We have a wide range of ways for patients to get involved as volunteers at our various sites.

It is important that we keep everyone safe so we have a minimum age and safety requirements for patient volunteers.

  • you must be at least 18 years old to be a volunteer
  • your Multi Disciplinary Team must agree to you doing the particular volunteering opportunity. This is to help make sure that it is something you can enjoy doing as part of your recovery
  • for some opportunities you will need to have leave, this is when you need to leave your living space or building to do them
  • for some opportunities you don’t need to have leave, this is because you can do them in your living space or building or you can be escorted by a member of staff.

Recovery Volunteer Scheme

This is currently available to patients at our Northampton site. Patients give up some of their free time to help other patients or to participate in meaningful tasks to learn new skills or refresh existing ones.

There are many opportunities which include:

  • helping out in our Tompkins Café
  • attending meetings
  • helping to recruit staff
  • helping in our laundry
  • helping the gardeners in our beautiful grounds; and
  • helping run groups and training for staff and other patients.

Each Recovery Volunteer is issued with a card to record their hours and a St Andrew’s badge for identification. Landmark hours that are achieved are recognised with certificates and volunteers will receive both a birthday and Christmas card.