Our care pathway for older people

We offer the only dedicated medium secure older adult mental health service in the country.

St Andrew’s provides dedicated services for men and women with enduring mental health problems and challenging behaviour.


With an age-appropriate environment and atmosphere, these services focus on progress and recovery.

Our services for older people

Cranford A medium secure service for men over 55.
Lifford A low secure mental illness service for older men aged over 55  with complex needs, challenging behaviour or offending histories.
Foster A service for older men with enduring mental health problems and challenging behaviour.
Thornton A specialist service for the rehabilitation of women.
Compton A locked service for older men and women aged over 55 with acquired, static or progressive neurological conditions.
O'Connell A locked service for older men aged over 55 with acquired, static or progressive neurological conditions.
Daniel Rambaut A locked service for older men aged over 40 with acquired, static or progressive neurological conditions or enduring mental health needs.

Individualised treatment programmes incorporate the principles of the RAID (Reinforce Appropriate and Implode Disruptive) model – positive, meaningful engagement and reinforcement. We use specialist age-appropriate interventions and tools, which address psychiatric symptoms, risk and offending behaviour.

Structured professional judgement tools, such as HCR-20 and RSVP, are used to assess risk on a regular basis. Comprehensive neuropsychological assessments, such as Dementia Care Mapping, complement our holistic approach.

Our older age adult service was the first to be awarded the RAID Centre of Excellence, recognising our environment of positive engagement.


Achieving positive engagement

We provide a holistic approach to the assessment, treatment and rehabilitation of mental illness and physical health problems.

With input from over ten disciplines, our approach provides a range of individual and group therapies including index offence work, problematic alcohol and drug use, emotional coping skills and strategies, and cognitive stimulation therapy.

Walking in St Andrew's grounds

Specialist occupational therapy interventions develop important community skills, prior to re-integration. In addition to psychology, psychiatry and physiotherapy inputs, individualised treatment aims to maintain and improve functional independence:

  • activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, laundry, budgeting skills, cooking and preparing meals.
  • on-site vocational skills pathway form Workbridge and our social programme offer activities which include woodwork, horticulture, catering, ceramics and office skills
  • individual education sessions to help improve literacy, mathematics and information technology skills
  • arts and crafts
  • body image therapy to help promote self-care and self-image
  • spiritual support.

Physical health and wellbeing is a crucial part of our comprehensive care programmes. We offer dual-trained adult and mental health professionals who work alongside our dedicated physical health team with access to General Practitioner (GP), a geriatrician, a Practice Nurse, dental and podiatry services.


Ongoing support

Discharge is considered at admission and our clinical and social work teams will work with local area teams to manage transition into appropriate settings.

St Andrew’s offers highly bespoke community care packages to support very complex patients.  This would be discussed and agreed with the commissioner in advance.


CQC and Quality Network feedback



  • Cranford
  • Thornton
  • Foster
  • Lifford


Treating people with respect and involving them in their care
Providing care, treatment and support that meeting people’s needs
Caring for people safely and protecting them from harm
Quality and suitability of management