A father's story

This image shows an adult man laughing

Shortly after our son’s arrival at St Andrew’s, his medication was changed, his diet was regulated and a new structure was put in place for a whole variety of activities.

Schedules have been adapted very much to suit his needs. We firmly believe that these three changes to his life brought about a much calmer young man, a much fitter young man and a massive improvement in his behaviour.

A different approach

The staff in the service kept us informed about how our son was progressing, and, apart from a few initial incidents, he appeared to settle in very quickly and very well. He was allowed to phone home and we were really pleased that his previous stilted and monosyllabic conversations were now replaced by excited chat with lots of good humour and laughter.

It had been a long time since we had heard him speak like that.

Access to a telephone was new to him and was definitely a big factor in easing his anxieties. He took the decision himself that he would phone on Tuesdays and Fridays, although he is aware he can contact us at any time if he has a problem.

How things changed

The number of incidences has decreased, with long spells of extremely good behaviour. In fact, St Andrew’s presented him with the Lifestyle Champion Gold Award in July last year – an award which covers all St Andrew’s hospitals.

The difference it made to us all

We will always be very grateful for all that the team on Church ward has done. However, the life-changing moment for us all was when our son was accepted as a resident by St Andrew’s.

We could never have imagined that he could have improved so much in such a short period of time, and we will be eternally grateful to all concerned.