Berkeley Lodge

“Our main goal is to enhance the delivery of optimum independent living through reducing levels of dependence.”

Helen Stokes, Hospital Director
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This image shows the shared lounge at Berkeley Lodge.





Berkeley Lodge is a 6-bed locked residential facility promoting community based recovery and reintegration.

The service is for men and women with an acquired brain injury or neurological condition who have successfully engaged in rehabilitation and have achieved their goals, but need a longer-term environment in which to consolidate and maintain the skills they have learned.

Located in a residential area close to Northampton centre, the service provides on-going support for patients moving through the National Brain Injury Centre (NBIC) rehabilitation pathway, and a stepping stone back to independent living, while placing an emphasis on achieving quality of life.


Taking the next steps

Our overall treatment aim is to work with patients to maximisethe potential for community reintegration by overcoming the difficulties presented by emotional, behavioural, cognitive and physical change due to brain injury. We seek to provide flexible non-institutionalised enablement that meets needs through an on-going process of individual planning in which patients are fully involved.


Our therapies

Patients in the Lodge continue to participate in a full range of psychological and occupational therapy programmes covering core to targeted psychological therapies, basic activities of daily living and community work placements. We aim to empower patients in their own rehabilitation, and so our programmes and interventions:

  • are highly structured and tailored to the individual
  • provide constant support and guidance to reinforce appropriate behaviour and skills
  • are delivered by a full-time multidisciplinary team (MDT) to consistently support individual challenges
  • offer individual and group therapy programmes tailored to specific needs
  • address functional and behavioural issues such as communication, self-care, inhibition and interpersonal behaviour
  • support the transitional steps back in to community as part of the Berkeley Close community service.


Who we care for

Berkeley Lodge caters for patients with a formal psychiatric and / or neurological diagnosis with a history of acquired brain injury resulting in cognitive deficits and/or behavioural change which require rehabilitation in a Locked community setting for men and women aged over 18 who:

  • have inappropriate social behaviour
  • have emotional problems
  • have cognitive problems
  • have other related physical problems
  • are detained or who are eligible for detention under the Mental Health Act.

The Lodge offers residents the ability to assist in the running and maintenance of the facility, supported by staff, to enable their reintegration in to community living.


Our facilities

The facilities and therapies at the Lodge facilities are uniquely designed to help patients to adapt to a residential environment and include:

  • therapy areas for group or individual sessions
  • self-catering facilities
  • a leisure and games room
  • accessible garden and patio areas
  • a lounge area with satellite TV, DVD and stereo
  • seclusion facilities.


Discharge plans

Discharge is considered at admission and our clinical and social work teams work with appropriate case managers and community teams to support transition to the least restrictive environment.