Becoming a supplier

The Charity works with a variety of suppliers. We welcome tenders from individuals to large contractors. Our expenditure is approximately £35 million per annum.

We are a large procurer of a wide range of goods and services for estates and facilities, IT and telecoms, healthcare, human resources, legal support, corporate goods and services.

We want to develop and maintain a good relationship with our suppliers, whether they are local, national or international, private, public or from the voluntary sector. We need a diverse and competitive supplier base that enables us to match our requirements with the relevant strengths and characteristics of our suppliers.

We are always interested in new suppliers tendering for contracts, and have a variety of procurement opportunities. If you would like to express your interest in tendering for a contract then register for free on the Charity’s online e-tendering system.

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If you have a general procurement enquiry then please contact us at:

If you have an enquiry about a tender or contract opportunity then please contact us at:


How to do business with the Charity

St Andrew’s does not operate an approved supplier list. The Charity will invite tenders where the value of goods or services exceeds £50,000. The Charity will undertake a formal request for quotation (RFQ) process where the value of goods or services fall between £5,000 and £50,000. Potential contracts will be advertised via the Charity’s e-tendering system and/or via Source Northamptonshire.

Whichever procedure you follow, you must read the information supplied carefully and submit all the documentation requested by the stipulated return date. The success of your bid is determined by the quality of this information.

The tender/Request for Quotation (RFQ) documents are all opened at the same time and thoroughly checked. To ensure fairness the criteria and method used will be clearly defined before evaluation begins. We will normally award the contract to the supplier we consider offers best value, in terms of price and quality.

We are always prepared to debrief unsuccessful tenderers/suppliers to assist them in developing their ability to tender for future contracts.



To improve the way we work with suppliers, St Andrew’s has introduced a new online e-tendering system for suppliers. The e-tendering system will support the procurement process and help the Charity to achieve better value from their buying, whilst providing suppliers with easier access to new business opportunities and contracts.

e-tendering refers to the electronic advertising of requirements for goods and services, registering suppliers, issuing and receiving tender documents and evaluating responses over the internet.

St Andrew’s will advertise new tender opportunities on the e-tendering system and/or Source Northamptonshire; this will allow suppliers to bid for tenders online and exchange documents and quotes.

If you would like to tender for a contract or receive updates on new contract opportunities then you will be required to register your company on the Charity’s e-tendering system. Registration is free and it will only take a couple of minutes, all you need is an internet connection and an email account.

e-tendering faqs

Purchase of goods

Purchase of services


Procurement Terms and Conditions

If you wish to provide goods and/or services to the Charity you will be required to do so according to our procurement terms and conditions. The documents below constitute the Charity’s standard terms and conditions for goods/services.

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