Bank careers

The Bureau, our flexible staffing Bank, is a critical part of the St Andrew's staffing structure. We have a culture of providing excellent standards of care within the Charity, and joining our in-house Bureau offers you the opportunity to be part of a strong established team, working across all St Andrew's services and gaining valuable professional experience.


Why we have an in-house Bureau

The in-house Bureau provides many advantages for the Charity, including:

  • flexibility for staff to cover holidays and sickness
  • appropriate training for staff
  • enabling the Charity to ensure best quality service to meet the specialist needs of our patients
  • consistency for staffing teams and patients.


The benefits of joining the Bureau team

As well as offering advantages to the Charity, a career with the Bureau has many benefits for individual staff, including:

  • flexibility
  • matching your availability for work with shift availability
  • an opportunity to work across a wide range of services and have a rewarding and challenging role
  • gaining valuable knowledge and experience
  • paid induction and training
  • a pension with St Andrew's
  • site benefits such as free sports facilities.


What is expected of Bureau staff

As a member of the Bureau, you will be expected to:

  • have compassion and empathy
  • have regular availability for work
  • act professionally
  • be reliable and punctual
  • make yourself adaptable and able to work across a range of scenarios with patients
  • be resilient
  • have the ability to communicate with a diverse group of people
  • work within your boundaries
  • maintain confidentiality
  • have the ability to undertake all duties as required
  • have a high degree of flexibility and the ability to work with all patient groups
  • recognise the differences in working in different areas
  • gain experience and undertake training.

You can access more information on developing a career with our Bureau and the Bureau online facility from this page.